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Composition in the Round...

Goin Ham 2020, resin with wax patina

In honor of the Goin Ham boys from Ashley High School class of 2020 

Youth Eternal 2021      Plaster and acrylic patina

National Sculpture Society Associate Invitational

Reclining nude           2021

terra cotta, acrylic     

Goin Ham                   2020

resin and wax              16" x 10"

Confidence                                       2022

plaster, shellac patina                      36" x 14"

at peace    2022
resin, acrylic
"At Peace", resin cast back view
"At Peace", resin cast front right
"At Peace", resin cast side view
skull, terra cotta
skull              2022
terra cotta
gladiator, oil-based clay
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